KRC has a program to suite everyone,  whether you wish to row recreationally or competitively.  Come on in and give it a try.

If you ever dreamed of shining on the national or world stage as an athlete, then rowing may be the sport for you.  New Brunswick and Canadian Rowers constantly bring home the lion share of medals and awards from major sporting events.  Look no further than our clubs history to see our successes.  

Our formula consists of focused training programs, dedicated volunteers and coaches, combined with our unique local rowing conditions.  If you think you have the competitive spirt and drive to represent KRC, New Brunswick or Canada in competition, then contact us, and we can help you succeed.

Your only commitment is to yourself and your training routines.  This means early rises, daily training, and travel to  events.  

See the 2016 Team Results for a glimpse of some of the venues we frequent.  Also see our schedule page for a glimpse of a typical training schedule.